Bet On Yourself

When life starts swinging hard, we tend to run to what is suppose to be our safest place to hide. One day, you get there and the door is locked. You’re banging and that person doesn’t answer. They peek out the window only to tell you that you’ve come to the wrong place. All the nice words they may say, can never cover up the rejection you will feel. I think many of us have been told at one point or another that the stakes are too high with us. But I’m going to help you see your biggest issue right now. You never gave up on people who at the end, when you needed them most, didn’t bet on you. There you are being asked to give respect by not fighting for what you love. This is when you feel most alone. However, haven’t you noticed the feeling doesn’t seem odd to you. Let me give you clarity on that. You kept saying you felt alone long before you ran knocking at the door. Your words fell on deaf ears. When you feel alone emotionally, it will pour into you physically. This is why you start to push away and why the outer you starts to reflect the inner you. What you feel on the inside will show on the outside. Thus the saying; wears her/his heart on her/his sleeve. There’s no secrets. You’re gut wasn’t wrong. I promise you that. If you really look at it, you bet blindly on everyone you loved and now you’re at the table alone.

I’m sorry, but this morning, you need to make a change and bet on you. When they think you aren’t worth the risk, when they turn their back on you, when you are empty, scared, broken and alone… you need to bet on you. Don’t feel sorry about that one bit. The only apology you have left to give is the one you owe yourself.

I invite you to change how you look at loss. Because when you learn to love and respect yourself, you’ll be able to see whose loss it truly is at the end. The dealer is about to call it. I hate to put the pressure on you but, it’s truth. The dealer is about the call the hand any day now. Who are you betting on? If you know you’re worth, then go and get what you’re worth! Put all your chips in and just once, just once, bet on yourself!

Be well. ❤

~Gina Marie

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