Re-Run: Walk It Scared

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Walk it Scared

Fear is an emotion that can absolutely paralyze you both physically and mentally. Whether it’s menieres, vertigo or life itself; we all have experienced this horrible emotion.

The tightrope of life takes balance. Even if you’re walking it with vertigo, you must stay balanced within. With anything in life, the borders for error are so small. One step too soon or too late, even one second too fast or slow; we might not catch our balance. But, the netting we need is everywhere under us. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be excited that you can succeed. Make a decision about what you truly want; then go get it!

As you walk the rope, have confidence in yourself. If you stop in your tracks scared, then do it scared!
There were so many times in my life that I was petrified what would become of me and the turns my journey took so suddenly. It took time after those hits to regain my balance. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually; I stayed focused. As I’ve said before, life has no guarentees. It has promised you nothing. It’s up to you decide how you’re going to walk that tightrope. Stop spending time blaming everyone who hurt you, took you for granite and abondened the dreams you had. They are not responsible for your happiness. She who says she can and she who says she can’t are both right. Which decision are you willing to make?

I’ll be honest, you’re not always going to win. You’re not always going to make it across without a fall. I mean that figuratively for life warriors and literally for vertigo warriors. I can promise you though that fear will not stop failure from happening. It will however, prevent success. Whatever challenges you are facing, look ahead at the goal and do it scared. That is exactly how winning is done.
Finally, do not compromise yourself for anyone. Embrace who you are. One foot in front of the other. Balance and focus are key. Always remember, at the end of the day, nobody is going to go as hard for you as YOU.

Be well. ❤
~ Gina Marie


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