Dear David

Friendships are pretty odd if you really think about it. It’s like we pick a human and say, “yes, I’ll try this one”. {giggling). Every time we decide to try one out, it’s rolling the dice. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t.

I’m sure by now, as a vertigo, menieres or life warrior, you have found out who your true friends are. You may still have some disappointments coming your way though. It’s called life and it’s not always fair.

One thing I have learned is that there are different types of friends. Depending on your problem, depends on what friend you are going to call. You have options: the supportive friend, the make me laugh friend, the tell me it like it is friend, and that positive energy friend. When you pick up the phone, there’s a method to the madness of what contact you’re going to push. If you’re lucky enough to still have that childhood friend like I do, you call them when you’re dead wrong knowing they will make it right.

When you think of soulmates, you usually assume they are lovers. However, I’ve heard of something called friendship soulmates. No doubt in my mind that this concept does exist. My best friend of over thirty (30) years is definitely my soulmate. You can call them for any of the aforementioned reasons I stated without fear of judgement. Time is not a factor though. I am blessed enough to have two (2) friendship soulmates.

Dave private messaged me a little over a year ago. He was recently diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease at the time and found me posting inspiration in a support group. I was happy I could give him advice and some hope as he was struggling. Neither one of us had any clue that we had just started a journey together. A pathway of friendship and eventually leadership was unforseen. We now are partners/administrators to the private support groups: Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders, Partners to Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders, and Meniere’s and Vertigo with Christian Borders. He has helped me with my personal open Facebook page, The Balancing Act and is my techincal support. But most importantly, he has become my soulmate friend. No matter the day, the hour or the issue, Dave is there for me. He has loyalty, integrity and honor in everything he does. He worries about me more than he worries about himself. Even though he has sleep issues, he will stay awake with one eye open if he knows I’m struggling. Every once in awhile, when he can’t sleep, he sends me a short letter. The letters inspire me to keep my head up and continue to help others. I honestly feel like I saved Dave once and now he saves me always. We are so much alike that his wife believes we are somehow related and just don’t know it. We are always on the same page with our thoughts and finish each others sentences. He is definite proof that platonic soulmates exist.

Life doesn’t guarentee tomorrow. You should take a moment to evaluate your friendships and thank a friend today. I’m sorry but, it’s not always about you. Today, make it about them. Great friends are few and far between. If you have a “Dave” in your life, you are truly blessed with an amazing gift that keeps on giving. Reciprocate the thoughtfulness of someone today. Truly I tell you, it not only makes them feel appreciated but, it brings a certain type of joy you have never experienced.

Dear David,

I wrote this article in honor of our friendship and also to inspire others; which has always been our mission. True friends do not try to calm your storm. They sail your ship until the storm is over. You are that friend and I will forever be thankful for the impact you have made in my life. Thank you for taking part in my journey.

Your fbff,


(Photograph by: Dave Giugno)


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