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Currently I am battling a matter in my life that truly has tested every fiber of my being. I am literally dealing with it one minute at a time as the hits are coming too fast to even duck from the impact. Unfortunately for me, and for all of us sometimes, there are some negative people that we just have to handle as removing them from our space is not an option. The best advice I can give, if you are in a similar situation, is the advice that was given to me yesterday. No matter what, do not lose who you are in the battle. Their goal is to break you down to their level because it is the only way they know how to beat you and get what they want. Remind yourself constantly who you are and stay focused on holding your boundaries. If you don’t, you will literally end up in the dark place you are attempting to bring them out of. You will become uncentered, angry, lashing, insulting, and ultimately lack the very empathy you are trying to help them feel for their actions. You can never be willing to sacrifice who you are for what they have become. Remember, DNA just creates a title to the people in relation to you. Their sense of entitlement needs to be stripped and that title needs to be earned back. I am unable to promise you that your fight with and for them will change their path. But I can promise you that you will lose yourself in the process if you don’t hold the line. In the end, they will either respect it, or figuratively speaking; hang themselves with it. Don’t get tangled in the process.

Let’s finish up with some helpful hints. Meditation is an affective way to release stress. Many members of my group,Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders, have reported that their vertigo and tinnitus has improved using this method daily. Life warriors have also recommended this option. Keeping yourself balanced is key both physically and emotionally. I know that some people actually use a room in their home as their personal and private space to meditate. They create their own unique atmosphere to deal with all the hits life has thrown and will throw at them on a daily basis. Floor chairs, Natural Himalayan Salt Tea Lights, Fountains with soothing sounds, and Incense are just some of the items I’ve seen in the beautiful pictures sent to me by individuals that use this technique.

I meditate every morning before I start my day. As I leave my meditation area, I walk by my favorite spot in my home. I decorated it myself. It’s special to me and reminds me exactly who I am. Across the chest is a gift from my friend, Dave Giugno. It’s a healing shaw. It was made with the praying hands of women and sent with friendship love. It reminds me of peace. Then, I have the flower pot from my house growing up. It reminds me to always remember where I got my loyalty. Also, I placed the amazing book, The Color of Broken (in stock). The author is one of our members, Julieann Wallace. One of the characters has Meniere’s Disease and the profits from this book goes to Meniere’s Research. It reminds me of support. I recommend this read to any book lover.

I also placed the decoration I broke during a very difficult time in my life. A time when I was disgarded of and betrayed. It reminds me to never give up on myself. My mother’s rosary stays across it so I remember to always forgive the past and walk towards the future.

On the chair is my mother’s house coat from when I was a kid and teen. Older women will know what that is more likely than my younger followers. It reminds me of strength. Last, my hat. I was raised country in the city. Go figure. It reminds me that what others think of me is truly none of my business.

At the end of the day, you answer to yourself. Think of it like your check book and always make sure your accounting adds up to the balance.

The Color of Broken (in stock)

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