The Circus

The smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and roasted peanuts fill the air. The sound of children’s laughter, music playing and proud applause are heard abroad. The sight of clowns, tighropes, jugglers, and people flying through the air create the anxious feeling of both excitement and fear. No, I’m not at your house! I’m at the circus. Well, you know the saying. My house is just one clown short of a circus. I can see where you possibly got confused.

On a serious note, a member of our Partners to Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders group, asked for a video on a specific subject. Deanna wanted to know if I had any advice for partners who feel depressed from the change in the relationship after their warrior battled Meniere’s Disease and Verrigo. She gave a specific example on how her partner could no longer go to the movie theater due to the stimulation and sound. I’m guessing she is missing her relationship as she once knew it.

Let’s look at this from a different type of view. The jugglers at the circus amaze me. These two people juggle pins in the air and back forth; making the task look so easy. My favorite part is when someone just starts throwing in more pins and the jugglers don’t even flintch. They are totally in tune with each other at all times. But, what would happen if they never practiced that before? What if someone just started throwing in pins they weren’t use to handling together? The pins would all fall.

I’m sure once in awhile jugglers miss a pin. They pick it up and the show goes on. Reminds me much of relationships. We’ve all been there. When problems arise (we drop a pin), we work through them and continue on in a positive direction. When Menieres, Vertigo and sudden harsh illnesses come into play, it’s exactly like throwing in a bunch of pins the jugglers didn’t practice taking on. They could handle it eventually, but only with practice, time, and patience. Are you picking up what I’m throwing down here? No, not the pins! It’s the point!

In general, relationships are work. The biggest problem in communication is assuming it happened. Couples need to comminicate and work at the relationship together. If one gives up, it’s over whether the words are spoken or not. The warrior will go through different phases both physically and mentally. This is guite exhausting on them as I know it must be for their partner. Every warrior is different. They all struggle but, if they give up entirely; there is not much the partner can do except suggest the warrior find a more positive support group and/or seeing a professional. I think depression can be very contiguous. What your partner deflects, you will reflect. I highly urge the partner to seek support as well. If both attempt the positive partner approach, there’s no doubt there is a light at the end of the darkest moments. You will learn how to juggle together.

If your warrior is anything like me, they fight for their quality of life. However, sometimes my fight has to be by resting. At those times, I am unable to attend the theater, events and functions. That is when the partner and warrior need to change their thinking completely and come up with ideas together. Renting a new release movie at home, getting treats, and some cuddling is well spent time. Can’t get to that wedding? Get out old photos of your dating years and laugh together at your memories and journey. Make a scrap book with them while you’re at it. If you have to miss that concert, download the newest album and relax on your patio/deck together. If your partner can’t hear, let them have the lyrics in front of them and put the device on their foot. They can feel the music while reading the words. There are many things you can come up with but, both the warrior and partner must want the time together. It’s also important the warrior and partner understand that the partner needs a quality of life as well. If the partner is really excited about a new movie out in theaters, the warrior should be supportive of them going with a friend for a night out. If there was a party they both scheduled to attend and the warrior is not well, the warrior should suggest their partner still go. Unless of course they are spinning to the point of needing care.

If you’re having trouble juggling the new pins, remember it’s a process. If you need help, seek it. Communicate, be patient, work at it, think outside the box and stay positive. Life itself is like a circus. You can either love it or hate it but, one thing is for sure. The show will still go on.


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When I’m off balance and feeling the motion sickness, Liddell (linked) helps relief the nausea. ~Angela


I heard of Vertisil (hit link to view) in a support group. I honestly thought I would be wasting my time but, I was at a point where I would try anything to escape the sensation of swaying and spinning. Its been a month and I have had so much relief. ~Deena

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When I start feel the anxiety coming on, RediCalm (hit link to view) takes the edge off. ~Kristine

This is just a quick list that I was able to gather from reading what warriors had to say. It’s about time the real sufferers get their voice and opinions, from their own experience, out to others. I know without a doubt that my prescriptions are necessary to maintain my health. However, I do take supplements as well. Some doctors will actually recommend certain supplements due to side affects of medications. Always, consult your doctors before trying anything new. Please note that the above members are not responsible for these products. Additionally, refer to all disclaimers noted throughout this site.

Happy Supplementing!

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