Hide and Seek

INSPIRATION (the ending…):

Questions I’ve been asked in the last year from my closed group, Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders:

What’s your exact diagnosis?

My answer: Meniere’s Disease Bilateral, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, Positional Vestibular Disorder, high BP, 6mm Lipoma center brain, 3x skin cancer survivor. (I forgot to write diagnosis warrior lol) 🙌

Are you a writer?

My answer: I believe in myself and what I’ve accomplished. I’ve been published twice for poetry and will start working on my book this October (2018) about inspiration and positive thinking. ❤

Why do you do your hair and makeup?

My answer: to keep pissing off my Meniere’s Disease. 😂

How do you do it?

My answer: one moment, one step, and one day at a time. 😎

Then there’s the one private message from another group member, as I post in several groups. “Are you seeking attention with all your selfies and posts-nothing personal?” (I’m not even kidding) 😩

My answer: I’m okay with who I am, where I’ve been, the things I’ve fought, the negativity I have battled and the 17 years I have endured. My group has inspired me and feels like my second family. It’s here that we can vent, cry, scream and not be judged or criticized. You can’t get more personal than that. I put my face out in hopes that people will post theirs and I can see other warriors from all ends of the world. Building confidence back is not easy. It’s a hide and seek game for some warriors. My goal is to help them find themselves.

💥Ending point: If we all listened to that one negative voice instead of our own and being here for each other; we’d all be in pretty bad shape. One voice can make or break someone. I’m glad I’ve come to the realization that I’m not made of glass.

You have come way too far in this journey of life to be that fragile. They can only break you if you allow them. Never let anyone bring you down to that level. You’re better than that. Get yourself off the clearance rack and back in the showcase where you belong.

#dontgothere #selfieaway #pissoffMD


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VISIT PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS from other warriors here on menu. Here’s a quick peek. Just tap link to see and purchase:


I use Lipoflavonoid (hit link to view) for the ringing in my ear. It has reduced my tinnitus tremendously. ~Regina


To treat ear, nose and throat infection, I use Colloidal Silver . (hit link to view) When I am sick, I use it as an antibiotic to treat infection. ~Amy

*Ear Pressure:

Since I have been using Tea Tree Oil, (hit link to view) the pressure in my affected ear has decreased significantly and it is not as sore as it was. ~Ted

*Natural Diuretic:

I love my Root Tea. (hit link to view) I use it as a natural diuretic and it also helps with my IBS symptoms. ~Tina

*Micro Circulation/Helping reduce Tinnitus:

I use Ginkgo (hit link to view) as it increases micro circulation, helping reduce tinnitus. Recommended by my chiropractor. ~Judy

*Migraine Associated Vertigo/Bruising:

I use Arnica Montana (hit link to view) for head and ear pain, migraine associated vertigo and tinnitus, and post drop attack pain/bruising. ~Elke

*Ear Fullness:

I rub Deep Blue from Doterra (hit link to view) behind my ears to get great relief. It seems like it ‘opens up’ my ears. ~Esther

I love Deep Blue. (hit link to view) I also have Copaiba(hit link to view) coming this week. ~Amy


I love using my Thyme Tea (hit link to view) for energy. It is a total re-boost for me! ~Gina Marie

*Immune System:

I use a drop or two of Fighting Five (linked) in water and breathe it in while sleeping. It boosts the immune system/controls bacteria and germs. ~Tommy

*Dizzy/Motion Sickness:

When I’m off balance and feeling the motion sickness, Liddell (linked) helps relief the nausea. ~Angela


I heard of Vertisil (hit link to view) in a support group. I honestly thought I would be wasting my time but, I was at a point where I would try anything to escape the sensation of swaying and spinning. Its been a month and I have had so much relief. ~Deena

*Hearing Loss:

Although this did not restore my hearing, I do feel as if Hear All (hit link to view) has slowed down the process. I think it has made the tunnel sounds of words a bit clearer as well. ~Jen


When I start feel the anxiety coming on, RediCalm (hit link to view) takes the edge off. ~Kristine

This is just a quick list that I was able to gather from reading what warriors had to say. It’s about time the real sufferers get their voice and opinions, from their own experience, out to others. I know without a doubt that my prescriptions are necessary to maintain my health. However, I do take supplements as well. Some doctors will actually recommend certain supplements due to side affects of medications. Always, consult your doctors before trying anything new. Please note that the above members are not responsible for these products. Additionally, refer to all disclaimers noted throughout this site.

Happy Supplementing! 💪🤗

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