Zero Tolerance

It’s a phrase we hear often by advocates. Many people have adopted these words in their communities as well. You will hear, “zero tolerance for bullying” or, “zero tolerance for animal abuse” used all the time. But when have you used it for your own life? I live by the zero tolerance rule and so should you.

I have zero tolerance for many things in my life. It’s not all about my disease or health issues either. Everything in your life should have a balance. If someone is tipping your balance scale with negativity, you need to take control of that immediately. You are only treated the way you allow people to treat you. With so many things on my scale, I have zero tolerance for negative people in my life. They are either removed completely or put at arms length. My scale must stay leveled. My peace depends on my decisions. I can’t blame someone continuously hurting me in life if I’m tolerating their behavior. Taking responsibility isn’t easy but; I suggest you do an accounting of the bitter, angry, and negative people you are allowing to steal your joy in life. At the end of the day, your happiness truly depends on you.

When you don’t practice zero tolerance in your life, you hurt yourself and sometimes the other people supporting you. They are a positive force, most likely suffering a bit as they watch your pain from someone else. You’re frustrated, your loved ones are aggravated and for what? For whom?

I’m not always right about life. However, I think I’ve learned many lessons throughout my difficult journey. Enough disappointments to feel confident enough to give you this article of advice and inspiration. I have cut people out of my life. Did it sting a bit? It did sting but, their actions and words stung harder. Again, zero tolerance needed to be used. Some people think I’m insensitive for this and some are intimidated by my strong character. In the end, I’m at peace no matter what. Being blunt and strong does not make me wrong as a person. I know many people who look at others and life through fantasy goggles. I understand that it is their way to tolerate the pain and betrayal. However, until they see it for what it truly is, they will never be balanced within themselves or in their life.

Why are you spending so much time trying to figure out and analyze people who have hurt you? In life, especially if you struggle with health issues, your energy should be spent on the people making a positive impact. My balance scale is very important and at the top it reads “zero tolerance”. What does yours say? Something to honestly think about.

6 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance

  1. Keep up the good work. Always follow the lovse of Christ and every thing else will full in line. You have taken on a large job helping others. Remember, not everyone will apprecliate what you are doing, but if you are doing this for God’s glorly, noone else matters. Love You!!


  2. Just like you said, most times it is very hard to cut off people that unbalance our spaces as individuals. For me, a part of me still wants them to stay, I guess. After reading your post, I now have the gut feeling that no matter how hard it may be to let go initially, in the long run, happiness is sure to come. Thank you for this and God bless you!!


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