Show and Tell

The words show and tell are as catchy as the newest trend with Meniere’s and Vertigo warriors. Many are attempting to strip away from prescriptions. Fear of long term side affects and lack of insurance coverage is truly taking its toll. Although the ritual of managing medical conditions through natural resources has been around for decades, the subject of supplements has become the most popular of conversations.

There is one issue with recommending products. What works for one warrior, may have little or no affect for another. However, Supplements seem to be a huge part of warriors lives in order to maintain a quality life for them. Like medication, it is all trial and error. Hearing and seeing testimonials opens the doors to exploring natural remedies for symptoms relating to Meniere’s Disease and Vertigo.

I ran a post in my 1.6k global Private Facebook Group, Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders, (hit link to join) curious as to what supplements/natural products warriors were using to seek relief. Here are their testimonials:



I use Lipoflavonoid (hit link to view) for the ringing in my ear. It has reduced my tinnitus tremendously. ~Regina


To treat ear, nose and throat infection, I use Colloidal Silver . (hit link to view) When I am sick, I use it as an antibiotic to treat infection. ~Amy

*Ear Pressure:

Since I have been using Tea Tree Oil, (hit link to view) the pressure in my affected ear has decreased significantly and it is not as sore as it was. ~Ted

*Natural Diuretic:

I love my Root Tea. (hit link to view) I use it as a natural diuretic and it also helps with my IBS symptoms. ~Tina

*Micro Circulation/Helping reduce Tinnitus:

I use Ginkgo (hit link to view) as it increases micro circulation, helping reduce tinnitus. Recommended by my chiropractor. ~Judy

*Migraine Associated Vertigo/Bruising:

I use Arnica Montana (hit link to view) for head and ear pain, migraine associated vertigo and tinnitus, and post drop attack pain/bruising. ~Elke

*Ear Fullness:

I rub Deep Blue from Doterra (hit link to view) behind my ears to get great relief. It seems like it ‘opens up’ my ears. ~Esther

I love Deep Blue. (hit link to view) I also have Copaiba (hit link to view) coming this week. ~Amy


I love using my Thyme Tea (hit link to view) for energy. It is a total re-boost for me! ~Gina Marie

*Immune System:

I use a drop or two of Fighting Five (linked) in water and breathe it in while sleeping. It boosts the immune system/controls bacteria and germs. ~Tommy

*Dizzy/Motion Sickness:

When I’m off balance and feeling the motion sickness, Liddell (linked) helps relief the nausea. ~Angela


I heard of Vertisil (hit link to view) in a support group. I honestly thought I would be wasting my time but, I was at a point where I would try anything to escape the sensation of swaying and spinning. Its been a month and I have had so much relief. ~Deena

*Hearing Loss:

Although this did not restore my hearing, I do feel as if Hear All (hit link to view) has slowed down the process. I think it has made the tunnel sounds of words a bit clearer as well. ~Jen


When I start feel the anxiety coming on, RediCalm (hit link to view) takes the edge off. ~Kristine

This is just a quick list that I was able to gather from reading what warriors had to say. It’s about time the real sufferers get their voice and opinions, from their own experience, out to others. I know without a doubt that my prescriptions are necessary to maintain my health. However, I do take supplements as well. Some doctors will actually recommend certain supplements due to side affects of medications. Always, consult your doctors before trying anything new. Please note that the above members are not responsible for these products. Additionally, refer to all disclaimers noted throughout this site.

Happy Supplementing!

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