Football Season is Back!

INSPIRATION from February 4, 2018:

All my friends and group members on Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders knew what that night meant to me. It was not just a game and a win. It was my father’s dream, his daughters’ passion and our family’s biggest bond. My sister was an original Liberty Bell Cheerleader during the late 70s and early 80s. Our father passed away in January of 2011. All the private messages from members and personal friends were overwhelming and touched my heart. But, as usually, it also got me thinking deeper.

We were the underdogs and we were the fans ridiculed. The Eagles spent years trying and always giving up on themselves and letting us down. But, true fans never stopped believing in them. Like a rollar coaster, emotions high and low, frustrated, then happy, then winning; then losing at the end every time. For years we watched them take hit after hit. And then this season, they CHANGED their thinking. Even the few they lost, they came back fighting harder. Complications scared us fans when Wentz got hurt. But, they were determined and feared nothing. Foles came in to finish what was started. Even after they made it into the Superbowl, it wasn’t good enough for nonbelievers. So the underdogs fought even harder. And guess what happened because they kept positive and they fought for it? They won! They came out fighting, they wanted it, and they took it.

Are you picking up what I’m throwing down here? It’s like the ride of life and/or Meniere’s Disease. You never know when better days or remission is right around the corner. So no matter how many years or seasons it takes of being put down, riding the rollar coaster, taking hit after hit, and being scared; don’t you ever give up! Please keep believing in yourself. Fellow life and vertigo warriors will always be here to cheer you on and congratulate you on your win.

If you want to fly, you have to get rid of the negativity holding you down.

#flywarriorsfly ❤

💥Looking for more awareness and support on Meniere’s Disease and/or Vertigo? Here’s a list of where to find and follow me and other warriors! 👣

Facebook (open page)- The Balacing Act

Instagram-Balancing With Gee

Facebook (private group/highly monitored)-A place for warriors to privately be yourself and safely vent or seek advice: Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders

Facebook (private group)-A place for Partners of warriors to help each other with encouragement and advice: Partners to Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders

Facebook (private group)-A place to openly pray and seek spiritual support: Meniere’s and Vertigo With Christian Borders

2 thoughts on “Football Season is Back!

  1. Gotta love s post that speaks to the best in life (our Eagles), and the worst (our menieres). Fly, Eagles Fly, and Try M.D. patients, Try! You cannot win without perseverance and hope, and a strong belief 5jat you can overcome your challenges.


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