Rare Occurrence

I believe it’s possible that one voice can conquer the impossible. Warriors of Meniere’s Disease and Vertigo related, just want to be heard. A little awareness can go a long way.

I’ve done a certain experiment several times. I’ve approached several strangers of all different age, gender and race. I’ve asked if they have at least heard of Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia or Lupus? Almost every person heard of all. When I asked if they heard of Meniere’s Disease, not one person knew the disease. Why is that? It’s time for change.

Statics of warriors (US):

  • Crohn’s Disease – 1.6 million
  • Fibromyalgia – 3 million
  • Lupus – 1.5 million
  • Meniere’s Disease – not that simple.

Meniere’s Disease is a vestibular disorder that is frequently misdiagnosed. According to vestibular.org, the exact number of people with vertigo/dizziness/imbalance issues is hard to quantify. Studies show it’s undiagnosed and undertreated. The estimation of vestibular disorder warriors is 69 million. 200,000 is the approximate number for Meniere’s Disease, specifically. I would say it’s time for further studies.

69 million people in the US are spinning and we have zero awareness. My mind can’t even process how insane those numbers are statistically. Additionally, a list (Google) of 40 famous people have Meniere’s Disease. Where are they? Why aren’t they speaking out having much more access and power than us. I’m just a woman named Gina Marie and yet, I want my voice to be heard for all fighters of this disease. I already have the attention of people associated with Huey Lewis. My letter to him has been reached. I guess I’ll be writing 39 more in the near future.


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Facebook (open page)- The Balacing Act

Instagram-Balancing With Gee

Facebook (private group/highly monitored)-A place for warriors to privately be yourself and safely vent or seek advice: Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders

Facebook (private group)-A place for Partners of warriors to help each other with encouragement and advice: Partners to Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders

Facebook (private group)-A place to openly pray and seek spiritual support: Meniere’s and Vertigo With Christian Borders

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