Balancing with Buttons

“When you find yourself in hell, just keep on walking”~Winston Churchill. “The best way out is always through”~Robert Frost. Now, put the two together. No matter what your going through, even if it feels like HELL, you must go THROUGH it in order to get where you want and need to be. I think the key Churchill forgot to mention though is that while your walking, you don’t look back. If it’s “hell”, you’ll only be blinded by the smoke anyway. Depression lies in your past. Anxiety lies in the future and contentment is in the now. Well, that’s the way it should be. LIVE in the moments. CHANGE YOUR THINKING starting today!

When I need to center myself or balance within, I push my biggest reset button. To recap from one of my videos; your reset button is something you like to do that calms some of the demons of life and your illnesses. Some like to meditate, walk, crochet or pray. I like to read and write as my reset button. At least once or twice a year, I push the big recenter button- the beach. The Jersey shore…my calm after my storms. It’s amazing how my body responds immediately. The smell of the salty air, the low base sound of the waves, heat on my face and seagulls up above. You would think my MD would trigger but, it never does. As soon as my feet hit the sand, the balance goes way off, of course. But, I keep walking. I could watch the ocean for hours. As the tide goes out, so do my troubles. My hearing aid picks up the music of the sea prefectly. I take it out and my world goes quiet. I watch the waves build and crash. It’s the loudest silence I ever seen. Reminds me much of life in that sense.

We all need reset buttons. It’s another key to the battle. I walk through the sharp shells, never around them. I always giggle even though it hurts a bit. I stop and regain my balance, and eventually, I get to where I wanted to go; the ocean on my feet. It reminds me of my strength as life can be cruel, like Churchill’s hell. The pull from the undertoe is a reminder of my vertigo. It’s scary, isn’t it? However, once I go into a full run, wobbling and swaying, I finally reach the depths. And with that, I set myself free. I let my body drift with the ride of the calming sea. I am balanced in those moments as I can’t feel the imbalance. My tinnitus is overcome with louder noises of breaking water. I embrace it all and think of nothing.

As each wave comes, I have choices; go under, ride it or float with it. It’s very much like life again if you ask me. And although I have the most supportive man getting knocked over by the waves watching after me, I know one thing for sure. No matter how much love and support you get or even lack thereof, ain’t nobody going to go as hard for you as-YOU.

Walk those shells, find your way, ride with the waves, push your reset button and LIVE.

(Note: I always have someone with me as vertigo gives no warning making dangerous conditions. I always suggest safety first)

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