Free Meds You’re Missing

“I want to protect myself from all of the disappointments of Menieres and Vertigo!”

How often even the greatest of warriors feel this way. And yet, when you try, you do yourself a great disservice. Disappointment is a part of MD and a part of life. When we all fail to acknowledge this fact, we tend to view disappointments as a disaster rather than a chance to learn and grow, which is a pathway to real hope. For this reason, we must learn to recognize disappointment as a turn in the tides and not the sinking of our ship. Besides, you never know when remission is right around the corner!

Guilt has also becomes a friend we don’t want yet, it likes to sneak up on you. Guilt that your partner, spouse, kids, family see you as a burden because you can’t pull your weight. Guilt is an invisible burden that wears us out and does no good at all. In fact, it actually prevents progress and renders you incapable of being the very best that you can be!

We find our emotions can get out of sorts easily. The moment MD turns it’s ugly head, we feel lost all over again. I tell my members of Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders all the time that they must change their thinking! You must not give up on yourself or your fight in this. We all have a med combo. But how many of you aren’t taking the three free meds that don’t come from the pharamacy. In any battle, the key to winning against the enemy is to stay focused and confident in the win. Are these three life prescriptions the cure? No. But how different your life will become if you add them to your med list. Change your thinking and change your quality of life!

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