The Vulture

I can relate almost anything to Meniere’s Disease (and other chronic illnesses). I always see opportunities to write and inspire about something deeper than what others may just see on the surface.

Every day I pass this structure on my walk. It use to be a home to a woman and her family. Five years ago it caught fire. There were no fatalities. However, everything was destroyed in a matter of moments. It now sits abandoned, broken and home to unwanted visitors. I see one of them every time I look up at the top left window. Sitting so proud, so bold…is the vulture. I sat down one day across the street and just took it all in, allowing my mind to run with emotional thoughts. Why hasn’t anyone come back to fix this once memorable home? Was it not worth it? No insurance? Did they give up?

I guess I can relate. As I felt the gravel on the street through my fingers, a tear streamed down my cheek. There are so many warriors out there that have experienced the quick losses and the vulture. For years, I probably looked just like this house. Meniere’s and life itself had hit me so hard and so suddenly, just like the fire in that house. At one point, I was definitely empty, broken and waiting. I also had the vulture just sitting and lurking inside. You see, vultures rarely attack the healthy. They literally prey on the sick, weak and wounded. My own mind became my vulture. I bet most of you have been here at some point. Meniere’s (and Vertigo) has become your demon, your body has become your prison and the vulture takes up residence in your mind. You know him. He’s the one who swoops down so quickly leaving those ugly thoughts to fill your mind; I’ve lost everything, I’m worthless, I’m inadequate, I’m no good for my family, I can’t do this anymore. I had let the vulture live with me way too long before I finally changed my thinking. And you can change yours too!

Maybe the family has moved into a new home; a safe place where the past doesn’t lurk every day at what once there was. They probably struggle but I bet they’re never going back. I assume, like anyone, they have daily struggles. However, they decided to move forward in their journey. One thing is for sure, they left the vulture there. He isn’t invited into their new home, their thoughts or their new journey.

Do exactly that!

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