How Deep are Your Roots?


Three years ago, I replanted this part of my flower bed because the flower I loved just stopped growing. I didn’t realize the plant in place of it was not really to my liking. The more it grew over the years, the worse it got in my eyes and the more I missed that pretty pink lily blooming.

Today, I woke up and started watering all the flower beds. To my surprise, there was the Lily blooming so beautifully through the ugliness. I could not believe, even after ripping up this whole section, there it was three years later as gorgeous as ever.

Made me think; I must have not ripped out the roots. But, what does this have to do with Diseases involving vertigo?

I remember my first 3 years of diagnosis with Meniere’s Disease. I went from what I considered blooming to replaced with a bunch of ugliness. I was struggling horribly. Nobody had direct answers, we couldn’t find a med combo that worked for me (we are all the same but different), I had vertigo constantly, I had to leave my job, I lost so called friends, I gained weight, I was going deaf, and I lost myself in the process. My life was just taken from me as I knew it. I gave up and let it all define who I was. Just like the pink flower, I was gone and something else took my place. I let it overcome me.

It’s obvious, this pink beauty didn’t give up, did it? It must have been slowly growing over the past few years between the crazy ugliness and I just didn’t notice. Guess its roots were stronger than the destruction. Are you with me here?

Your condition is very hard but, it does not define who you are. If you have strong roots, you will prevail! It will take time. You will have struggles, obstacles and a mess all around you but, you can bloom again! It’s in the darkness that you find your light to shine.

17 years bilateral Menieres with vertigo now for me. I never stopped fighting. I tell people all the time that resting is a part of the fight too.

Don’t ever give up! Nobody is going to go as hard for you as YOU! Be the pink Lily. Grow in knowledge, stay positive in the mind and BLOOM again! ❤

~Gina Marie

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