My Letter To Meniere’s Disease

Dear MD:

Every morning when my feet hit the floor, I want to hear you say, “Oh crap! She’s up!”. You have taken so much from me and I’m sure you feel some sense of pride. Only a bully picks and preys on the weak. Well, Im not even a bit apologetic when I say, “I’m not the one to be truffled with”. Just like any coward, you suckered punched me trying to get my children ready for school. No doubt it was a hard hit, spinning the room so quickly. However, you never expected me to hold on, breath and then throw a roundhouse kick by still getting them off to school. Being angry with me, you knocked me to the floor as soon as I got home. In those moments, I had time to think though. You’ve had me in this position before. I remember the days I use to give up and let you win. I want you to know…those days are over. The up kick I threw knocked you back to your place of hell as I not only got up; I cleaned up breakfast while dizzy just to spite you. You remind me of a nagging ex that just won’t go away. It’s so pathetic to be honest. I know you saw my tears drop as I cried out to my God “just make it stop!”. You figured what a perfect time to try and finish me for the day. You threw a hard combo..My ears got loud, my head hurt and I tobbled a bit. Impressive. Not! I giggle now as I took all those hits YET, I didn’t get knocked out. You see, you can knock me down but you will never knock me out. It will be you who rings the bell, not me. With that, enjoy my throat punch that ended the fight. My couch is so comfy and I will fight by resting. It’s a beautiful day for a movie anyway, so thank you. There are many things you will take and many things I can’t control. The one thing I will never give you is my life. You can’t have my positive mind or my beautiful soul. Sorry to disappoint your pride. On that note, please understand this is my ring, my fight and I will always win. Im just sitting in the corner of that ring getting cleaned up for the next round. See you soon.

Never truly yours,


10 thoughts on “My Letter To Meniere’s Disease

  1. Very inspirational as usual. Nope, MD, you thought maybe I was gonna let you have my life…nope, I’ve got a whole army of warriors next to me!
    Thanks Gina!


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