Dear Rapunzel

Tonight I had a glimpse into your soul. As tears streamed down my face, I glanced at the clock. Just as Cinderella’s fairytale ended at the strike of midnight; my memory takes me back to the truth of myself. I can’t help but to feel an instant connection with you.

I am reminded of my youthful days when my princess life turned into rags, tormoil, loss and confinement to a room where I dreamt about my rescue. There’s a chapter that was never told of those years imprisoned by control. Truth is, I loved the dark and silent room. It was a place the blood could run free from the slits and I could let the pain go. It’s empowerment over me was the only constant I could trust. The room changed keys throughout the next couple of years. Every single one only locked more tragedy and tribulation inside with me.

Keys…keys to a pattern I had grown comfortable with living. However, there are keys everywhere in life to also free every forgotten princess by choice, not chance. You can choose to believe in yourself without consent from anyone. Being different does not make you difficult. I, for one, can clearly see your shine through the darkness. Your shadow makes more impression than I think you see.

I was once Cinderella, Arial, Sleeping Beauty and Belle. In the end of every tale, those woman waited to be saved and I can identify with every one of their stories in some way. So, how do you stay a princess surviving the hurt of a father’s demons, a mother’s disapproval and the dark past of a shit-tale? You become me.

Love, Brave

(The one princess who truly saved herself.)

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