The Popsicle Theory

I had a pretty harsh disagreement with someone this morning. What started out as a joke, somehow turned to a very serious tone. During the verbal altercation, a popsicle on the ground was pointed out to me. I admitedly mocked the situation as I felt the entire picture here needed some humor. I have been struggling the past month with life’s punches and had already made the decision very early in the day that my thinking needed to change.

When it was all said and done, there I was, just me and this popsicle wrapper. My metaphorical side quickly came out and immediately I could relate to this once full of flavored iced wrapper. Someone sucked every drop of it’s offering then left it there as trash. It’s been said I can equate anything to life or illness. This is absolute proof that it’s truth.

The Popsicle Theory: How many people are just sucking the life out of you? How many of us feel like that wrapper just tossed aside once someone was done with it?
Do you wake up thinking positive about a new day only to end up exactly like this? You feel drained and discarded.

Please stop saying you don’t have a choice. Life’s struggles, Menieres, vestibular disorders, and chronic illnesses was not a choice. How you handle it, is a choice. Who you chose to be around, associate yourself with and let sit at your table is absolutely a choice. We give every excuse and reason why we need these particular people; whether it’s family, friends or even our current partner. It’s amazing how we let people suck the happiness, quality of life and self worth right out of us! For what? Maybe you have a tie to them that you feel you need. Maybe it’s financial, emotional attachment, or a sense of security. I’m here to tell you that you deserve better. Making the choice will be hard. I can promise you that. But, on the other side of sacrafice and pain is greatness. Stop being a popsicle.

I invite you to start changing your thinking this morning. Be well. ❤

~Gina Marie

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