Anxiety or Adrenaline?

💥Anxiety or Adrenaline?💥

Sweating, body temperature changes, shaky legs and rapid heart beat? Wondering if some things you are experiencing is Menieres related or not? Thinking it’s just anxiety? Let me simplify the complicated and help you with self awareness. Here is what Google and doctors aren’t telling you:

One symptom we experience that really has zero attention is adrenaline hormone changes. This hormone change causes you to have anxiety. Adrenaline and Anxiety go hand in hand because 90% of the time, you are actually experiencing an adrenaline rush and are not aware. Here is an example:
You feel off balance but no vertigo. You start to stress feeling like the attack is just lurking waiting for the right moment. If you’re anything like me, you may have yelled, “just do it already!” Your focus becomes that lurking bastard in the corner waiting to attack. This causes stress hormones to be released such as adreline and cortisol. This is your body’s vital defense mechanisms kicking in. Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, is your body’s “fight or flight” hormone. This hormone causes anxiety as a side affect.

What to do?
The adrenaline is from the lurking feeling of the possibility that the MD attack may happen. The anxiety is from the unknown. So, make it known. Change your perception. Give your MD its identity, form and shape. Give it life so to speak. Mine looks like a black ghostly figure if this helps clarify what I’m doing here. Yes, you eventually have to accept that MD is a part of you but, separate the identity of it and give it it’s own being separate from you mentally. Now, you can picture and focus on it as “someone” instead of “something” you are up against. The beauty is, you can take control.

Always keep in mind that MD might not have been a choice but, how you handle it is absolutely a choice.

~Gina Marie, NLP
Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner


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