Let Them Leave

I usually don’t write at this hour but man, do I have some preaching to do tonight!

A member from the group, Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders, made a statement while in private conversation. Suze DeAndrea wrote, “so conclusion may be that we’re better off alone?” My simplified answer was, “I dont think it’s we are better off alone. I think we have grown so use to depending on our own strength that we do not have the tolerance for anything less from others.”

Most people do not know how to handle us. They don’t realize that people like us are dependantly independent. Confusing to some readers, I know. If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that I don’t make sense, I’d be rich. For us, we don’t have the time to worry about the time of making sense. We must keep going and keep moving forward. We have learned to thrive off of our positives because nagatives can destroy us competely. So, we come off misunderstood, confusing and sometimes even down right mean. We hear what others have to say and we do care. I can promise we care more for others than they can possibly begin to comprehend. And maybe, that is an issue. We see what they can’t because of how we live. What others fail to see is that time for us has a different meaning. It’s not that we think our time is more valuable than theirs or their thoughts. It’s that we have to think about quality more than quantity. We wish we had time. We don’t know how much time we have to get all the important things done and tend to take some things about others for granit. We’ve been through hell and we worry about bigger things in life now; viewing many disagreements as petty. We worry about the security of our future, 401k and life insurance while vacuuming, doing laundry and taking care of the kids. We worry about the people all around us more than we worry about ourselves. We worry about their future and try to help them become better than what they see for themselves. We divide our thinking into priorities because we don’t know how much time we get from day to day. When people tell us how they feel about us, we become defensive. The reason is simple. We are faking being well and we are holding everything together silently while we fight….time. So, excuse us for being tougher than the usual person. Most of us are cut from a different type of cloth. We are warriors of either illness, life or both. We love with our entire being and trust too easily that people can trust our value. They don’t make material like us anymore. We don’t make sense because we’re not trying to. We’re trying to make a life out of broken pieces with no time to ourselves. My father said, “your heart will be both a blessing and a curse”. He was right.

We all struggle in life. We all have storms we must get through. Financial storms, emotional storms, love storms, spiritual storms, sick storms and secret storms. The worst is when all the storms meet and you have a hurricane happening right before you. You can’t see in a hurricane and you start worrying about what’s going to happen before it happens. This is when you need to close your eyes, take a deep breath and embrace it. You must now walk by faith and not by sight. This is also the time that people you need most, usually decide to walk away. If they can walk away from you- Let. Them. Walk.

I don’t care about what they’ve done for you, how wonderful they are, how long they were around, what the situation was or who did what. If people want to run away from you- Let. Them. Run.

Do not talk another person into caring about you, staying attached to you, loving you or staying with you. If a person wants to leave you- Let. Them. Leave. Your destiny and dreams are not tied to the person who left you and nothing just happens. If they walked away from you, it’s no accident. If they left you, it’s no accident. If you begged and pleaded to make it work and they turned their head, it’s no accident. Accept it, wash your hands of it and keep going. If you’re dealing with hateful while you’re being faithful; you got to let it go.

Stop begging people to stay! If they can’t handle differences, your mistakes, their mistakes, emotions and life’s obstacles then Let. Them. Go. Whatever you were meant to have, will eventually come to you. If you think your human will can out do divine will, you have done lost your mind! You’re being moved and that’s no accident either. A Pastor really moved me this morning with what I’m trying to reach you with right here. His words brought peace and balance. When you feel the pain, say nothing. When you think of how they hurt and betrayed you, say nothing. When you think about your own offenses, say nothing. When you think about how broke you are, how damaged you’ve become, your heart breaks, your trials, your obstacles and whatever other storm you’re going through; say nothing. If you read this too late, you begged them to stay and they didn’t want you anymore, shout NOTHING!…..

Because “Nothing just happens.”

Great things are coming your way. Trust and believe that. You’ll see.

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5 thoughts on “Let Them Leave

  1. Amen, thank you for sharing this Gina, I love it! You are right! I’m trying to find a way to accept my daughter leaving. I enjoy being alone at times, it can get kind of lonely at times, but…I can’t be around alot of people, or noise, it hurts my ears. I think I’m more at peace when I’m alone. Gives me more time to spend with my best friend, JESUS!!! 😇💓


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