Reset Your Table

In September of 2016, the big social media memes and celebrity news was Jennifer. Well, it was based off of the Brad and Angelina break up. I really wished everyone would have just left Jennifer out of it. I know all the memes were humor at Brad for her. I don’t know her but; I know life, love and betrayal. Honestly, I promise you, she didn’t care at all about the news break. Want to know why? Because she is a strong woman who survived the deepest pain and made it to a place not to be connected to the cause of it ever again.

I can promise you she wasn’t laughing, crying, waiting or thinking of it as karma. She reached a place of peace a long time before that. It was not Brad, Angelina and Jen. It’s was just that couple that was built on lies, bound to fail and did. That’s the circus show. That’s the attention.

A woman at true peace knows how to fill her table. She learns that if you are not bringing anything to it, you’re not going to be sitting at it. She will hold her boundaries and move forward. The only people she will allow at that table are the ones contributing productively in her life. She does not make anyone a priority who looks at her as an option.

Jennifer didn’t need a meme; she had something better. She’s had power because she let go and valued herself. He made his bed and she reset her table. At the end of the day, she sat on honesty, loyality and honor to herself. Do exactly that.


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