The Big ‘L’ Word

I’ll never forget that day. After coming home from a hectic evening, I found him on the lawn almost lifeless. I knelt beside him and his eyes told me everything, even though I knew nothing. He was broken. As I used a kid’s motrin dropper to give him water, I watched as it come out as foam from the side of his mouth. I stroked his head and began to look him over. He was malnourished, frail to the touch, and was holding on with every short breath. I heard the officer behind me but, his voice was a tunnel. “He was thrown from a car. Officers are at the residence now. It’s a pit ring.” Being very familiar with the police force due to my journey at that time; I spoke to the officer without even looking back and only said, “Call Dan“. I never thought I’d be on my way to the vet with this poor animal. Dan worked the force and made those kinds of decisions. On the way, I had so many thoughts. I wasn’t sure I was capable of doing this. I had just recovered from breaking my own heart. I had sent my best friend over the rainbow bridge just a year prior. All the memories were placed in the attic and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take this on. I thought about my issues with Dan, raising two kids with my health issues and finances. I saw the vet center in the distance and thought, “keep driving. This isn’t your problem”. With whatever strength that dog had, he lifted his paw onto my arm. I pulled into the lot crying and said, “your name is now Duke. I’ll make you a promise. If you fight and live for me, I’ll rescue your friends.” Four days and $1,400 dollars later, Duke entered his new journey with us. He kept his promise and I kept my word. I’ve been involved in rescue ever since. Duke is now my registered service dog. The happiness he has brought is beyond words. His loyalty is beyond comparison to any human I know. I rescued him once, he rescues us always.

It seems now I’m rescueing strangers more than animals. Like Duke, they really have no reason to trust me. They come from lives of struggle, pain, betrayal and hurt. I’m not a doctor or therapist. Sometimes, I have to refer a vet as it’s out of my league. But, for the most part, I’m able to relate to many and change lives. Like Duke, they are broken and lost. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I kept on driving that day with Duke or turned my back on those who depend on me now.

I have also learned so much from this beautiful guy of mine. I ended up starting over in my personal journey of love. Duke was proof it was best to let go of the past. It opens the door for new relationships, love and a loyality I had been craving for years. He taught my children the same as their lives have taken many twists and turns as well.

Have you ever heard that love is the big “L word”? I disagree. The biggest, most powerful and inspirational “L word”, is loyality. You see, if you have loyality; love, laughter, longevity, learning, leadership and LIVING will follow.

My life is not easy. I have several health issues other then Meniere’s Disease. I am raising two children. I am an Administor to 3 private facebook groups, 1 facebook page, and writing for inspiration and awareness on this site. I get ill and I get overwhelmed. I am just like anyone else getting hit with life. My relationship has ups and downs, family issues, and what seems to be a million things on my plate every day. But quitting is not an option that I will allow for myself. Im fighting for too many depending on me every day. What are you fighting for? That is a question you should truly take time to reflect upon. It gives clarity and amo in your fight through your journey.

If life pushes me, I push back harder. This is what I suggest to my readers today. Do exactly that!

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