Flight or Fight

Today my read will be very short. I’m taking a mental health day. It’s pouring rain and perfect for my jammies, couch, throw blankies and the smell of dinner cooking slowly in the crock pot. You must take these days off every once in awhile whether you are a warrior of the disease or just life in general. You can plan them or even better, decide last minute that you are worth resting up physically and mentally. Sometimes you need to take a step back (flight) in order to keep moving forward in this journey (fight).

I do want to mention one thing though before I go. One of the most hysterical memes I ever saw was in reference to the statement about men: “I’m a ride or die type of chick”. The meme said, “Girl stop. You done rode and died eight times already!”. It’s funny because it’s so true about so many women that actually post it.

Well for me, with life and Meniere’s Disease, it’s about flight or fight. I’m chosing flight today so I can fight harder tomorrow. Take a mental health day because remember; ain’t nobody going to go as hard for you as YOU!

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