Facebook and Social Media are Not Good Support Systems

Good morning! Happy Saturday from Philly burbs, PA! ❤

Please watch the video in it’s entirety as there is a lot of important information. I felt it was time to put a face with the name behind the articles for my blog and social media followers. Due to re-ramping and attempting to expand and organize my site; I had to use amateur video. Eventually, my video feature here will be used for better quality. Please be patient as we are building the website.

💥 I will post the video on my facebook, The Balncing Act (see icon button above to navigate there), if you have a difficult time viewing it here.

Let’s talk about the shocking title of this article and video, shall we? I’ve been told over the last year by many people that Facebook and Social Media are not good support systems. I completely DISAGREE with this statement. I belong to 18 private facebook groups relating to Meniere’s, Vertigo, Migraines,and Vestibular Disorders. I actually started my journey of inspiration and awareness in the summer of 2017 in one of them. (Special thanks to Glenn and members of Meniere’s Disease Support Group). Although I now am administrator, partnered with Dave Giugno, to three of my own; I find it very important to have kinship and support in as many ways as possible. Every group has something unique and different to offer. Watching the conversations and engaging in the groups made me realize we all have different ways of venting and seeking the support we need so badly. Since starting my blog site, I have shared every article with all the groups. Why? Well, my main mission, along with many other ideas, is awareness and unity. In my eyes, there’s no competition. It’s not about numbers, it’s about changing lives together. The more administrators and members understand my intentions, the more success WE as WARRIORS will have in that mission. I’m just like anyone else. Bilateral 17 years Meniere’s with several other chronic illnesses.

That leads me to my next point. I, just like some of you, must manage my time and energy on my projects in order to continue to care for my own health, raise children, run a household and help others. I will be staying a member in all the groups however, sharing every article I write on Inspiration or Education is exhausting and time consuming. Being an Administrator to Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders, Meniere’s and Vertigo With Christian Borders, Partners to Meniere’s and Vertigo Without Borders, my blog site here, plus my Facebook and Instagram; is enough to wear down a healthy individual. Therefore, I WILL NO LONGER BE SHARING EVERY ARTICLE FROM THE SITE TO THE GROUPS. I’m thinking maybe once a month I can share out an article from my daily blog.

Many exciting things will be happening over the next few months with the blog site. For readers convenience we will be separating the articles into different category files: Inspiration, Education, Life Struggles, Travel and much more. I see so many questions on group sites about traveling that I decided to eventually (this is more future thinking) branch out and write featured articles on different areas, places and resorts, to give you all the tips to be prepared for traveling with the disease. I won’t forget the “to bring check off list” so you don’t forget your meds! I will also be handing out awareness material wherever I go on my journey.

In closing, I’m hoping I now have more time to engage in all the groups as a member, work on awareness, and build a site with key elements for Menieres and vertigo sufferers as well as those just getting tumbled by life itself.

Again, because of some slight techincal difficulties, the video posted may freeze during play. You can find it separately on my open facebook page, The Balancing Act, by hitting the facebook icon up above.

💥MOST IMPORTANTLY: IF YOU WISH TO VIEW MY ARTICLES OR INSPIRATION: there is a follow button on the blog here. The process is easy and we did test it to make sure you only receieve emails when I publish, nothing more. The follow button will ask for your email. Once you do that, please check your email inbox to confirm. This is to make sure it’s actually you wanting updates that I’ve published. (If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder). Many people thought they were following but never confirmed the action. The process takes less than 2 mins but the rewards of conveniently being notified instead of searching is worth it!

❤Ignore any negative people who state that Facebook and Social Media are not good support systems. For many warriors, it’s a life saver! I know it was for me.

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