Denial is a step in the mourning process. It’s absolutely normal to experience this emotion however, you can’t stay there in that train of thought. It is what it is. You have Meniere’s Disease (or vertigo related). Your goal is to get through the process and reach acceptance. It’s not easy. It takes times and patience. You need to change your thinking amd stop letting it define WHO you are. Don’t view yourself as worthless or others will too. You are worth more than you realize. Don’t play games by wasting time. Learn your body, educate yourself, keep going until you find that right doctor and the medication combo that works for you. Fight! Seek support and laughter…LIVE. You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody! They either get it right or they get LEFT. Don’t give them excuses for their bad behavior. You’re doing the best you can and honestly, you’re probably doing better than them!

Take a dose of support. ❤Administrator to Meniere’s Without Borders

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