I had an entire platform laid out to write today. Then my memories popped up on my personal Facebook, changing all my thoughts.

There is an important question I get asked often. How do I live with Meniere’s and Vertigo and spend time with my kids when my conditions are in a flare? Many people feel guilty in their disease; whether it’s feeling inadequate with themselves, their spouse or when it comes to their children. I honestly can say that I understand.

My children are now at ages where they can entertain themselves. However, it was not always the case. And, even though they are a bit older now (15 and 9), I still don’t want their iPhones to become their mother!

I want to help everyone I can with Meniere’s Disease and Vertigo disorders. I must say, my heart relates with mothers as being a mom is a job in its own.

So, what to do in a flare? Buy a cheap blow up mattress to fit in the general living space of your home. Set the kiddies up with their snacks and treats. Put on a good family movie and get your pillows. Relax on the couch to get your rest. In my own experience, one of two things will happen. Either you’ll get that 2 hr nap in that your body needs to fight or, your body will rest while you enjoy the movie. I can’t make any promises as I don’t know you or your children. However, for me, this picture from 5 years ago, proved I must have done something right.

Wishing you all a spin free day. ❤

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