Unleash Your Demon

I do not handle constructive criticism well. It’s something I’ve attempted to change and continue to fail at miserably. It’s a demon I’ve held onto for so many years because I’ve grown content with protecting my emotions.

There is only one person in my life, that when he gives me advice on that level, I feel safe to respect the insight and feedback. My godfather is a highly intelligent and honorable man. His career requires many hours of reading and writing. Last night he told me he was proud of me starting this site. However, he also bluntly stated that some articles were too long. He explained that after five minutes, I have lost the reader. Our attention spans as human beings is three to five minutes. Shortly after this discussion, we were listening to an individual speak. About ten minutes passed and I glanced at my godfather. We both giggled as he held up three fingers. I got his point so now, let me make mine.

Constructive criticism is really words of advice, from an experienced individual, while having your best interest at heart. Many of you, like myself, dislike constructive criticism. The reason is quite simple. You spent years listening and trusting the wrong people with the wrong intentions. While seeking advice, encouragement and support; you were beaten down with words and your very existence degraded to the core. You took chances and when you fell, the people you loved told you that you were worthless, lazy, a faker and a loser. At some point over time, you twisted the meaning of constructive criticism with being made to feel wrong as a person. You need to sort people out in your life and evaluate or Reset Your Table. If their motives and intentions are to hurt you, they need to be dismissed or put at arms length. If they want you to succeed in your goals, your health and your life; seat them close. Either way, it’s time to unlock your grip and unleash your demon.

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