Your Doorway

There is a great meme I’ve seen regarding our doorway of life. It basically says, and I’m paraphrasing here, “if you want to come in or out of my life, the door is always open. My only request is that you don’t stand at the door blocking traffic”. Although it’s a touching thought, I wonder how many of you are blocking your own doorway? I’ve written many articles on how to dismiss negative people or things in your life. I’ve written a few about who and what should or should not be in your life in an attempt to positively impact your lifestyle. I’ve told my followers to always evaluate others to determine the best course of action to move forward. Now, it’s time to evaluate yourself.

Linda contacted me requesting help on a letter to a company she was with many years on a part-time basis. She sent me two emails; her story and her drafted complaint letter. After reading the background she sent, there was no doubt in my mind that Linda was being harrassed and treated in ways that go against the policies of the Department of Labor. Being a former Paralegal and a creative writer, the letter would be a no brainer for me. However, her draft was very emotional. I would have to start from scratch for an important professional complaint like she requested. Before I started, I decided to call Linda. I had a gut feeling that she was on the fence and really wanted to be done with the stress of this job. When I spoke with her, I asked her if she knew what she truly wanted. I wasn’t surprised to hear that she was miserable after dealing with the drama, scolding and harassment of the general managers for awhile at this point. Knowing Linda believes in God, I bluntly told her that He will break you to make you. I believed, and she agreed, that her drafted letter was therapeutic however; this was not what she wanted in her life. She had fallen a little off course but then, she validated her worth through self examination. She was, in essence, blocking her own doorway. I’m happy to say I drafted her Resignation instead, which was handed over today. The CEO will receive a copy by certified mail regarding her treatment as an employee by his higher ups. Linda told me it was the best $6.83 she ever spent.

Linda was promised a healthy work environment. She will most likely never even hear the word, “sorry” by the people who degraded her. How many of you have a bunch of broken promises and apologies in your life right now? If I lived for every promise made to me, I wouldn’t be living. Evaluate and ask yourself, “what do I really want?”. At the end of the day, your choices create your happiness. Whether it’s friendships, romantic involvement, employment or hobbies; are you making the best decisions for you? If you’re frustrated and miserable all the time, you need to take a hard look at your life. If you’re waiting on promises and apologies, then it’s time to stop blocking your doorway. Seek the truth within and find your happiness. It’s not only a one man job; it’s an inside job!

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