Diluted Vision

Everything you wanted was just a diluted vision of everything you thought you knew.

Sometimes you need to break your glasses. You must break free from how you view yourself if your view is diluted by unrealistic expectations. Many times, we can’t see what others see in us. Other times, what others think they see is really their own insecurities or ignorance of our life. People you thought would go to bat for you, believe in you, build you up and cheer you on; may fail you in the worst of times. You’ll also find that some people can see all your great qualities, big heart, fierce fight and beautiful soul. They see what we sometimes can’t because we have lost sight of what we are worth.

Let me try simplifying my words. I contacted two really good friends of over ten years and eight family members with the exciting news of finally using my talent and building my dream. I was neverous about my new journey. They know my health issues and I made it clear that my goal was to spread awareness of this awful disease that society can’t spell, let alone understand. I’m not very good at math but, a second grader could do the numbers. I’m followed and backed for my cause by hundreds of strangers yet, out of ten family members, only three follow my progress and posts. Out of 10 invites to follow my blog to help raise awareness, only one accepted. Here is where you break the glasses and change your thinking! Everything I wanted there was a diluted vision of what I thought I knew. But, do I look at ten or do I look at hundreds? I don’t look at ten. I look at 1,625 strangers needing awareness with me, my children wanting their mom to get more help, my partner who tells me to keep reaching for my goals for all of you, and my team that does all the work because I’m too ill to work. I just write in the hopes of helping others. I’m hoping to reach you today.

If I listened to the negative thoughts or lack of support, I’d be in pretty bad shape. My worth is not determined by what others think of me. My value is not based on numbers. Support or not, how I see myself is all that matters. What others think, is none of your business.

Break free from diluted visions of yourself. You’re worth more than what you see. At the end of everyday, what you think of you, is all that matters. Break the glasses, change your thinking and Live!

Forgive the weak, get rid of the wicked, and keep going.

It took a life of 41 years, of many struggles within, to actually get to this point. With me, what you see is what you get. Love it or I’ll leave it, makes no difference to me.

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