Deck of Life

I hate games. Well, except rummy. My favorite thing about that game is I’ve mastered it. I let the other person go on like a roller coaster, picking up and putting down. They laugh and giggle as they throw pile builds and I’m holding many cards with nothing down. I wait patiently…then, they pick up the entire throw pile just for that crappy three 7’s. It’s my turn next. At that, I put down my Aces, my Kings, my royal run, and 3 cards down on theirs. I discard my final and they are stuck having to take away all the points they had in the game. Game over. I win.

You don’t need to understand the game of rummy to understand my point. Life dealt you your hand. It doesn’t really matter what cards you got dealt. What matters is how you play those cards to the fullest. You’ll have many opponents (Meniere’s, judgemental people, losses of careers, marital problems, financial issues, etc.) and many opportunities to chose how to handle each of them depending on how you play the cards.

When the opponents think they’ve beat you; believe in youself more than they trust their expected win. Lay the cards all out, discard and enjoy the feeling of the power you have over the game. Trust me, life will keep playing. New day, new cards. How you play the game is all up to you.

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