I use my personal experiences with life and MD to encourage others. I do posts with selfies asking to see the same; because I want to see the faces of people I possibly inspire. I share my writings because I want to touch lives and spread awareness. I run around like crazy begging my doctors for video clips because I want answers to share for our health. I do my hair and make-up because MD or not; I care about those things for myself.
If any of that makes me wrong, I don’t ever want to be right.

Todays goal: Be you! Who you are is just perfect. Some will love you and some will hate you. Don’t let either define you. Life and MD swing hard. Your self esteem and mind set is key. The big word here is “self”. Sure you risk being judged, but nobody is ever going to go as hard for you as YOU!

“Little girls know they are lovable because big people love them. Big girls know they are loveable because they love themselves. It’s all a matter of perspective” (Morgan Rose).

Be well today. ❤

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