My son was training in martial arts since he was 4 yrd old. He is now 15. I have been to more tournaments than I can count. However, WHEN MENIERE’S STARTS ACTING UP, I always sit back and recall the one sparring match that changed my son’s entire karate journey in so many ways.

My son never liked to spar even though they wear protection gear, cups, mouth pieces and must follow rules. However, he was great at it. He would bounce up and down like a boxer and I looked like Rockys wife peaking through my fingers as my hands covered my face. Every once in awhile, I’d yell “yes, Daniel!” when he scored a point. Three points to win and my son always had me holding my breath.

The match I’m about to speak of is inspiration from just a different angle. We were at the mats and my son was sitting ready to be called to fight. One of the students from his school was first and went up against this huge kid who was acting crazy. As a karate mom, I’d never seen such lack of humility and respect. This 12 year old was just filled with rage. Even worse was his mother cheering the behavior. The kid hit so hard and in red zone, the other child fell and was unable to fight. The Masters called penalty but, here comes the next fight up against this maniac. Again, the kid goes nuts and backs the other child out of the ring. Penalty two. You get three and then your out by disqualification. And what do you know!? Yup, my son’s turn. (Follow along, my inspiration is coming. Lol). My son is not big by all means. My heart dropped. He went to his Master and I could see his Master talking. I’ll never forget the fear drain immediately from my son’s face and a look of confidence I’ll never forget. Daniel stepped into the ring, but he was not the child I was use to seeing. HE STOOD COMPLETELY STILL. The Master put down his arm and yelled “fight!”. Daniel did not move. The other kid was going crazy. Yelling, hitting his gloves together, bouncing…YET… my son stayed completely silent and still. I’ll never forget my world becoming silent. Not because I’m partially deaf but, because I felt like I was stuck in this moment of time that seemed like forever. Like I was in some bad karate movie. My mouth was moving, but no sound came out. It’s was like the crowd was frozen and an eerie feeling filled the room…..

*Have you ever been there? When MD is just crazy with no mercy!? When the tinnitus was so loud and the head pressure unbearable? When MD is just ready to throw all the punches and knock you out spinning to the floor? Have you ever feared it’s monstrous ways fighting you?*

……the boy finally charged my son like a lunatic. I gasped and then held my breath. My son threw one hit. Directly to the solar plexus. Daniel watched him fall and knew it was over. He instantly turned around and dropped to one knee out of humilty and respect for the fight, not his opponent.

*What’s the point? Sometimes when MD is attacking to it’s fullest potential, when its out of control and incredibly scary…just BE STILL. We tend to become filled with anxiety, scrolling through FB for a magical answer, jumping for any sense of stability. Sometimes, you must just BE STILL. Embrace it. Let yourself face it and breath with confidence that you can and will end this match! Whenever I feel unbalanced and attacked; whether MD or just life….I remember that day. The day the earth stood still and a few words of inspiration changed everything.
CHANGE your thinking! BE STILL. STAY FOCUSED…fight and win!

Administrator to ‘Meniere’s Without Borders”

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